Product Information

How much does it cost to run a Stanton RadBooster?

Approximately 18W, less than a light bulb.

What size of room is a Stanton RadBooster suitable for?

An average-sized room in a residential property.

What kinds of radiator is Stanton RadBooster suited to?

It works best with convector panels, but will operate with most hot water central heating radiators

How should it be installed?

No DIY skills are required. It just sits under the radiator with the legs adjusted to fit close to the bottom of radiator.

Does the Stanton RadBooster come in different sizes?

Yes, our units are available in three lengths: RB 400 = 600 mm, RB 600 = 790 mm, RB 800 = 1044mm.

Product dimensions (length x depth x height)

– RB 400 : 600 x 94 x 102 m (160 m with legs raised)

– RB 600: 800 x 94 x 102 mm (160 mm with legs raised).

– RB 800: 1044 mm x 94 x 102 mm (160 mm with legs raised).

Are different power outputs available?

Unlike many competing products, the Stanton RadBooster offers two fan speeds: normal and boost.

What types of radiator are compatible with Stanton RadBooster?

Most typical hot water central heating radiators.

How close does the Stanton RadBooster need to be to an electrical socket?

Two metres with the cable supplied or further with an extension lead (not supplied).

How noisy is Stanton RadBooster?

Tested at normal speed, the noise level is 0.98dBa above background.

What guarantee is offered with Stanton RadBooster?

A one year guarantee, valid 365 days after the purchase date.

If I’m not satisfied with my Stanton RadBooster, can I return it and get my money back?

If the Stanton RadBooster unit malfunctions, then yes. However its operation will only be as efficient as the system it operates on.

Can Stanton RadBooster work outside of the UK?

Yes if the voltage = 220v 50Hz.

Can Stanton RadBooster work with electric radiators, storage heaters and other types of heat emitter?

Whilst it might work with oil filled electric radiators, it will not work with other types of heat emitters.

How can I get in touch with Stanton Radbooster?

You can get in touch with us by either phone or email. Calls are charged at your local rate.

0300 303 3612


How much does delivery cost?

Standard delivery (3-5 working days) is free

Express delivery (next working day via DPD) costs £5.

The Stanton RadBooster is a high-performance, discreet and low noise fan that boosts the heat produced by your radiator, warming rooms up to 60% faster.  The units can be fitted in less than a minute and don’t require professional installation or even any DIY skill.

Sitting underneath most types of radiator – single, double, treble, non-convector or convector, the unit’s tangential fan blows unbrokenly across the length of the Stanton RadBooster grille, rapidly speeding up heat distribution around a room, making you warmer, faster. The Stanton RadBooster is available in three sizes, the 400 model fits under standard-sized radiators, while the RB 600 and RB 800 are designed to suit longer versions.

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