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Heat your room up to 55 per cent faster than a standalone radiator!

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The Stanton RadBooster is a high-performance, discreet and low noise fan that boosts the heat produced by your radiator, warming rooms up to 55% faster than standalone radiators.  The units can be fitted in less than a minute and don’t require professional installation or even any real DIY ability.

Sitting underneath most types of radiator, the unit’s tangential fan blows unbrokenly across the length of the Stanton RadBooster grille, rapidly speeding up heat distribution around a room, making you warmer, faster. Engineered and assembled in the UK, the Stanton RadBooster is available in three sizes, the RB 400 (£75) model fits under standard-sized radiators, while the 600 (£100) is designed to suit longer versions.

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Plug & Go

The Stanton RadBooster works out the box. Simply place underneath your radiator, plug it in to a nearby socket and turn on when your central heating is running.


Feel it in the air

The unit’s tangential fan blows unbrokenly across the length of the Stanton RadBooster grille, speeding up heat distribution around a room.


Faster heating

The powerful motor produces high volumes of air, reducing room ambient heat-up time when your heating is on from 18ºC to 21ºC by up to 55%* and heats the room in as little as 10 minutes.

Neat & discreet

Neatly sits under single, double and treble, non-convector or convector radiators and blends into your room.

Built in the UK

Engineered and assembled in the UK using high-quality components and materials.

Quiet performance

The Stanton RadBooster pushes high volumes of air and yet you’ll hardly notice it with its quiet performance.

Heat Sensor

A magnetic heat sensor allows the Stanton RadBooster to switch on when the water temperature in the radiator reaches 40°C and switches off when it drops below 30°C.

Summer switch

You can cool the air to blow cold for those 
hot summer days.

55%* faster heating

Room ambient heat-up time from 18ºC to 21º can work in as little as 10 minutes.

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Just place under your radiator and plug into a socket to get started.

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Effective Radiator Booster For Your Home

At RadBooster, we understand that each home will require different levels of heating, dependent on the individual residents. With traditional units only actually radiating 20% of the heat they produce, a radiator booster distribute warm air across a room, instead of it being convected up to the ceiling, or escaping through windows and doors. Our high performance RadBooster can help you to warm up, or cool down, your home as you please, without having to spend thousands of pounds adapting your current central heating system.

With innovative features, such as a magnetic heat sensor, quiet performance and 60%* faster heating, purchase your radiator booster with RadBooster today.